Deemo 2.0 -May the Feels be with you-


Okay, after a long wait! Finally! Deemo 2.0 is released! but things turn out to be sad, as we uncover the remaining parts of the girl’s past and who really Deemo is. the update of Deemo (or we call it as Deemo 2.0) finally answer the question of the fans regarding who the girl is, who really deemo is and why the girl isso close to him who really IS the masked lady, and what is the girl’s past, so let’s uncover it, folks


BEWARE OF THE SPOILERS AROUND, the piano keys is so insane right now

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Child Of Light -Shiny adventures in Lemuria-

  Okay, i just take a long break from playing Silent Hill series to give way to this amazing game named Child of Light, i was surprised  by the positive reviews of this game because it’s too epic for ya Child of light is a Fairy-tale like story RPG Game with dialogues full of rhyming words, yep, not your typical fairy-tale book. It’s all about a little girl with a crown on her pink Head named Aurora who mysteriously landed on a place called Lemuria. She travels all along Lemuria to find a way to wake up from her dreams.

In this article, i will cover up some scenes, because i’m too good for ya (lol nope), i will try to help you in some boss battles with my own tactics, expect spoilers, rants, shit opinions and sudden turn of emotion

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Silent Hill News : Silent Hills, Cancelled!

Reporter : and now, we will get the reaction of the people who are currently in Silent Hill. May is in The Streets of Silent Hill where a rally was occurred in the front of the Church, May, what is currently happening there?

Field Reporter : People here and some… weird creatures are shouting “NO TO CANCELLATION” Repeatedly while they are in the front of the Church of the Silent Hill, before we set on-air, i’ve interviewed few persons about their reactions about the Cancellation of Silent Hills, please watch

Silent Hill : Homecoming -Going home . . . . can reveal secrets- (From Hospital to Hometown | part 1)


I recently visited by my plates so i don’t really have too much time to play, but i tried to finish my PC playthrough of Silent Hill ; Homecoming (i . . .  just don’t know how long is my last post, i haven’t visited my wordpress since. .  february? lemme check my last post later lel) and so, here i am, finished the PC version of this game.

overall, i was not surprised that Homecoming is still my favorite game among Silent Hill franchise (if you hate Homecoming, then you can bash me, but take note that everyone has different opinions), because (1) Alex is a character that you can feel with, if you have a sibling like him (and take note, unnoticed Sibling rivalry can took place between them, but sooner or later, will be notice as the game goes on). (2) like James, Alex has his own inner conflict, because of sudden turn events at his past, he choose to lie to himself, resulting in an unexpected scene at his past. and (3) the order members, heh, they have the coolest playthrough dialogues “carl. . .  shit” (not in cut scenes)

This article will cover up my first part of gameplay, from my second replay at PC, Takes place at Alchemilla hospital and ended up before Alex enter his home, expect some spoilers, rants, sudden turn of emotion, and shitty comments.

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What’s on my mind : Settings and Architectural stuffs in my favorite games


in Video games, one of the thing that the gamers are looking at is the Setting or the Place itself, Settings in the game has a very major role in the life of the main character, so that’s why how game developers made such a big effort to render the setting very clean and neat, especially when the place has a touch of a great architecture reference, example of this is the Notre Dame at Assassin’s Creed : Unity and the Church at Biohazard 4 (Resident Evil 4)

Setting at the games has a big influence at my reaction paper in the games, i really appreciate the efforts of the game developers in rendering and designing a single house up to the large buildings and church, i’m going to enlist some of my favorite settings and architectural stuffs at the games and share my little knowledge at architecture in creating my deep reaction at the game’s settings (anyway, stay tuned for the next post about this)

drop your plates, and listen to me. . .

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Assassin’s Creed : Memories to be Closed at March 13

Oh no Assassin’s Creed : Memories players! looks like this is a completely a bad news for us, Looks like Ubisoft will closed the game at March 13, confirmed it at the app itself VIA news section.


It looks like Ubisoft would close the App when March 13 occur, the final Assassin Campaign and final tournament will occur at February 23, and the App purchase will close at feb 16, this news appear at the newsfeed category at Assassin’s Creed Memories at the App itself

Assassin’s Creed Memories was launched at the middle of year 2014 and was developed by GREE inc. And PlayNext inc. Together with Ubisoft. And it was available at Ios only, there was an announcement for the incoming Android version but it seems it wouldn’t be happen due to the closure of the app at the Ios

Share your thoughts, lads

For Information about Ac : Memories, go to this link = Ac : Memories Article

Aoi’s Valentine special


Hello Guys

today is Saturday. . . i mean Valentines’ day and i made four special arts featuring some of my favorite characters from video games form the first art until to the last art that i made today and to this COVER

for full and HQ ver of the pictures, i suggest you should click the name or the tumblr link, the IG link has the LQ pictures heh (for full information about the characters that i inserted, in case that you are not FAMILIAR with them, don’t worry, i add the links, just click the name (okay, i get all of their sources from Wikia LOL)

1. Silent Hill : Homecoming [Tumblr link] [Instagram link]
characters : the Shepherds (Alex and Joshua Shepherd)

2. Assassin’s Creed III and IV : Black Flag [Tumblr link] [Instagram link]
characters : the Kenways (Edward, Haytham and Connor)

3. Mortal Kombat 9 [Tumblr link] [Instagram link]
characters : Raiden, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Kenshi

4. Tekken 6 [Tumblr link] [Instagram link]
character : Miguel Caballero Rojo

hope you enjoy everybody LOL
art = Kurokawa Aoi [Tumblr] [Instagram] [wordpress]

Aoi’s Bluff : A sequel to the Silent Hill : Homecoming Joke

When Boredom strikes, i usually take a glimpse at my gallery found at either my iPad or my laptop and i found something to waste my time and i found one of my survivor photo from my old laptop before it got insane so i made a sequel to the last post here at wordpress, again, Featuring the Main Characters from Silent Hill : Homecoming = Alex and Joshua Shepherd

and i entitled this sequel as “The Misadventures of the Shepherd


View on : Instagram | Deviantart | Tumblr

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Aoi’s Bluff : Silent Hill Homecoming joke

Silent Hill fans know this position from the Cover of Silent Hill : Homecoming featuring Alex and Joshua shepherd


And guys, this is the “Behind the camera”


(Source : ヘイザム の ジョルナル | Alex No )

Silent Hill Origins : a simple Journey takes a lot of deadly Revelations

illustrated by 黒川蒼

Silent Hill, if everyone heard that title, the thing that comes in their mind is “Horror” or “Fog”, i’m not surprised if they’ll thought about it because it has already a movie, right?

I’m not a big fan of Silent Hill because i slightly do not like suspense horror games, but Silent hill is very significant to me because it introduces me to the world of silent hill and to the other suspense horror games.

Among the silent hill games that i’ve played, Origins is my very first and my favorite among all, i replay it again because my brother wants to play it and i want to demo how i play it, even thou i’ve finished Silent Hill : Homecoming at that time he ask me, i agree and i play it while he was watching, and while he was holding me because i’m really nervous LOL

Get ready for a lots of spoilers delivered from the people in mirrors

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